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BON JOVI - She Don't Know Me Lyrics

What more can I do, there's nothing I haven't triedStill it's so hard for her to noticeI've tried hard to be straightThere's nothing left I can sayIf only she would look my wayChorus:She don't know me, she don't knowShe don't see me, she don't careShe can't hear me, can't hearCan not help me, she don't wantShe don't want me like I want herLike I wan't her got to tell herGot to tell her that I love herThat I love herShe doesn't even know my nameI dream of when she'll be mineI dream of crossing that lineAnd holding her so tenderDreaming it could come trueSo many things I would doIf only you'd give me a chanceRepeat chorus

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