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REM - You Are The Everything Lyrics

Sometimes I feel like I can't even sing (say, say, the light)I'm very scared for this worldI'm very scared for meEviscerate your memoryHere's a sceneYou're in the back seat laying downThe windows wrap aroundTo sound of the travel and the engineAll you hear is time stand still in travelAnd feel such peace and absoluteThe stillness still that doesn't endBut slowly drifts into sleepThe stars are the greatest thing you've ever seenAnd they're there for youFor you alone you are the everythingI think about this world a lot and I cryAnd I've seen the films and the eyesBut I'm in this kitchenEverything is beautifulAnd she is so beautifulShe is so young and oldI look at her and I see the beautyOf the light of musicThe voices talking somewhere in the houseLate spring and you're drifting off to sleepWith your teeth in your mouthYou are here with meYou are here with meYou have been here and you are everything(repeat 1st verse)

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