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REBA MCENTIRE - The Night The Lights Went Out In Georgia Lyrics

(bobby russell)He was on his way home from candletopBeen two weeks gone and he thought he'd stopAt web's and have him a drink for he went home to herAndy wo-lo said helloHe said hi what's a doingWo said sit down I got some bad news that's gonna hurtSaid I'm your best friend and you know that's rightBut your young bride ain't home tonightSince you been gone she's been seeing that amos boy sethHe got mad and he saw redAndy said boy don't you lose your headCause to tell you the truth I've been with her myselfChorus:That's the night the lights went out in georgiaThat's the night that they hung an innocent manDon't trust your soul to no back woods southern lawyerCause the judge in the town's got bloodstains on his handAndy got scared and left the barWalking on home cause he didn't live far you seeAndy didn't have many friends and he just lost him oneBrother thought his wife must've left townSo he went home and finally found the only thingDaddy had left him and that was a gunHe went off to andy's houseSlipping through the back woods quiet as a mouseCame upon some tracks too small for andy to makeHe looked through the screen at the back porch doorHe saw andy lying on the floorIn a puddle of blood and he started to shakeThe georgia patrol was making their roundsSo he fired a shot just to flag em downAnd a big bellied sheriff grabbed his gun and saidWhy'd you do it? The judge said guilty in a make believe trialSlapped the sherrif on the back with a smile and saidSuppers waiting at home and I got to get to itChorusThey hung my brother before I could sayThe tracks he saw while on his wayTo andy's house and back that night were mineAnd his cheatin wife had never left townAnd that's one body that'll be foundYou see little sister don't miss when she aims her gunRepeat chorus twice

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