REBA MCENTIRE - Old Man River Lyrics

(ronny scaife, danny hogan)Cool breeze on the riverRipples to the shoreWash away my troublesTo the sea forever moreWind and willows whisperSadness is the soundTell the tale of my wantsHappy world that's falling downOld man I might be going where you're boundChorus:Old man riverI've come to talk againYes I know you're tiredCause your journey never endsHe's just like youHe's moving all the timeAnd I think he's moving me out of his mindI want to travel with youIn your deep and nimble soulThat's the only way to make itPeaceful like beforeWe used to touch at midnightBut now I feel he's goneEven though he's lying next to me I feel aloneOh man it looks like I'm to travel aloneRepeat chorus x2

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