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REBA MCENTIRE - I'd Rather Ride Around With You Lyrics

(mark d. sanders, tim nichols)My cousin's gettin' married at the methodist churchThat's why I stayed home from workI'm supposed to hold the flowersWhen the new bride kisses the groomThat's what I'm supposed to doSo what are we doin' with the windows rolled downTwenty five passionate miles from townOh I love her like a sister baby but to tell you the truthI'd rather ride around with youThe guy she's gonna marry's got money to burnHis daddy's a partner in some big law firmYeah that's how they're goin'To hawaii on their honeymoonFirst class to honoluluShe's never even set foot on a jetI'm a little bit jealous I confessI'd like to fly to hawaiiBut honey if I had to chooseOh I'd rather ride around with youI don't care where this road goesNo I don't wanna turn aroundLet go of the wheel feel the wind blowDon't even think about slowin' downThey're tyin' tin cans to the back of the carWonderin' where in the world we areThe preacher's done prayin'And the couple's sayin' I doThat could be me and youThere's way too many decisions to makeThe length of the dressThe layers on the cakeOh one of these days I might get married tooBut I'd rather ride around with you

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