REBA MCENTIRE - I'll Be Lyrics

(diane warren)When darkness falls upon your heart and soulI`ll be the light that shines for youWhen you forget how beautiful you areI`ll be there to remind youWhen you can`t find your wayI`ll find my way to youWhen troubles come aroundI will come to youChorus:I`ll be your shoulderWhen you need someone to lean onBe your shelterWhen you need someone to see you throughI`ll be there to carry youI`ll be thereI`ll be the rock that will be strong for youThe one that will hold on to youWhen you feel that rain falling downWhen there`s no body else aroundI`ll beAnd when you`re there with no one there to holdI`ll be the arms that reach for youAnd when you feel your faith is running lowI`ll be there to believe in youWhen all you find are liesI`ll be the truth you needWhen you need someone to run toYou can run to meChorusI`ll be the sunWhen your heart`s filled with rainI`ll be the oneTo chase the rain away

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