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REBA MCENTIRE - Is There Life Out There Lyrics

(susan longacre, rick giles)She married when she was twentyShe thought she was readyNow she's not so sureShe thought she'd done some livingBut now she's just wonderin'What she's living forNow she's feeling that there's something moreChorus:Is there life out thereSo much she hasn't doneIs there life beyondHer family and her homeShe's done what she shouldShould she do what she daresShe doesn't want to leaveShe's just wonderinIs there life out thereShe's always lived for tomorrowShe's never learned howTo live for todayShe's dyin' to try something foolishDo something crazyOr just get awaySomething for herself for a changeRepeat chorusThere's a place in the sun that she's never beenWhere life is fair and time is a friendWould she do it the same as she did back thenShe looks out the window and wonders againRepeat chorus twice

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