ROLLING STONES - Brand New Car Lyrics

I got a brand new carAnd I like to drive real hardI got a brand new carAnd I'm feeling good so farTake her on the highway for a little spinI want to see the kind of shape she's inAnd I got a brand new starJack her up baby, go on, open the hoodI want to check if her oil smells goodMmmm...smells like caviarGive her some stickPush her too farRight to the brinkHear the motor runningYeah, she's right in sinkTell me if she's thirstyWould she like a drinkAnd I'm stopping at this barSlinky like a pantherYou can hear her purrTouch her on the seatGo on, feel the furAnd I got a brand new starFeel the juiceFoot to the floorTake some abuseI got a brand new carAnd I drive her in the darkAnd I got a brand new carI think I'll stop and park

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