You whipped me I'm hurtingAbused me for certainAnd slavery should not existIs this what I get a poison kissWithout you I'm dead meatI'm a raggedy dog dying in the streetOf a god-forsaken shanty townWhere gangs of children are hunted downI go wild when you're in my faceI go wild when I taste your tasteI go wild and I go insaneI get sick--somebody stop this painYou left me I'm braindeadI'm feeling nothing strapped to my bedOn life support tubes in my noseTubes in my arms shot full of holesI go wild act like a goatAnd I get sick, lumps in my throatI go wildI go wildI go crazy, I go insaneI get sick somebody stop this painAnd the doctors says you'll be okayAnd if you'd only stay awayFrom femme fatales and dirty bitchesAnd daylight drabs and nightime witchesAnd working girls and blue stockingsAnd dance hall babes and body poppersAnd waitresses with broken nosesCheckout girls striking posesAnd politicians' garish wivesWith alcoholic cunts like knivesI go wildI go wildI go wildI go wildI go wild when you're in my faceAnd I'm entranced in a state of graceI go wild when you treat me badI go wild, raving madI go wild for youI go wild for you

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