ROLLING STONES - Don't Stop Lyrics

Well you bit my lip and drew first bloodAnd wore my cold, cold heartAnd your wrote your name right on my backBoy your nails were sharpDon't stopHoney don't stopDon't stopBaby don't stopWell I love your screams of passionIn the long hot summer nightBut you pepper me with poison dartsAnd twisted in your knifeDon't stopHoney don't stopDon't stopBaby don't stopWell the only thing I ask of youIs to hand me back some prideDon't you dump me on some dusty streetAnd hang me out to dryDon't stopHoney don't stopBaby don't stopBaby don't stopHoneyI'm losing youI know your heart is miles awayThere's a whisper there where once there was a stormAnd all that's left is that image that I'll find a wayAnd some memories have tattered as they've tornDon't stopDon't stopBaby don't stopBaby don't stopHoney baby don't stopHoney honeyBaby don't stopBaby don't stopCome on honey honey don't stopWell babyBaby don't stopBaby baby don't stopMy honey don't stopDon't ya stopDon't stop...

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