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REBA MCENTIRE - Suddenly There's A Valley Lyrics

I'm not a country/western or Reba McEntire fan, but somehow landed on your site, because of the song Suddenly There's a Valley. There are a few errors in your text. I'm supplying corrected words, in CAPS. Also, See note at bottom.


(Chuck Meyer, Biff Jones)

When you've climbed the highest mountain
When a cloud holds the sunshine in
Suddenly there's a valley
Where the Earth knows peace with MAN.

When a STORM hides the distant rainbow
And you think you can't find a friend
Suddenly there's a valley
Where friendships never end

Touched only by the SEASONS
Swept clean by the WAVING GRAIN
Surveyed by A HAPPY bluebird
And kissed by the falling rain

When you think there's no bright tomorrow
And you feel you can't try again
Suddenly there's a valley
Where hope and love begin.


Song ends here -- singers sometimes repeat the last two lines, as did Gogi Grant in her hit recording in 1955, but that's just an individual arrangement.

Carry on ----
Del Owens (New York City)

p.s. I saw Reba in the TREMORS movie on TV during the Halloween "holidays!"

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