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REBA MCENTIRE - Myself Without You Lyrics

when you walked out that doo
i was so sure my world had ended
so sure i'd never get over you

on that first night alone
i cried so many tears it scared me
so many dreams that i had to let go
but now i know

that the world still turns and the sun still
and that's what i've learned without you
and the days roll on and my heart gets
stronger too
don't think i didn't love you
just because i made it through
but i learned to love myself
without you

i take myself to dinner
and i go to the movies solo
that's something i never did before

you may not understand this
but i don't wait on invitations
i'm not afraid of the great unknown
of being alone 'cause the

repeat chorus

i can even see myself
falling in love with somebody else
ready to take that chance again
'cause i know now
what i didn't know then

repeat chorus

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