REBA MCENTIRE - Heard Her Cryin' Lyrics

The cold night in the kitchen saying things we'll both regret
And you scream you were leaving and you cursed the day we'd met
Then the sound goes above the slamming door
And broken dishes thrown around the floor
So loud it made us stop it was the sound of a teardrop
When I heard her crying thought she was tucked away in bed
I heard her crying wish we could take back what we said
I didn't think she was old enough to know oh Lord we must have hurt her so
When she begged you not to go I heard her crying
[ piano ]
Well I'd have given anything for time to erase
When I turned around and saw those little tears roll down her face
Oh my heart nearly broke in two when she said mommy what did I do
To make you and daddy mad oh I'm sorry I was bad
Well I looked at you and you looked at me and we felt each other's shame
Then kneeling down to hold our child said she was not to blame
Now sometimes when we're angry we say things that aren't true
We still love each other and baby we love you
And I heard her crying...

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