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QUEEN LATIFAH - Mama Gave Birth To The Soul Children Lyrics

[queen latifah]Possy, dovey! (yes mama? ) time to get up!Hello, I'm queen latifah, how ya doing? I hope that you're with this, I hope that you're willingI want to introduce you to a cut calledMama gave birth to the soul children[dove]Well here comes the goy (goy? )The truth to the goyYou know the one, that ate up like boyStepping with a step, keeping with a keptMaking an appearance with a notty-head setLunatics you lose cause the plug 2's singingPeace to the negative, nah, you make the weigh-inWeigh-in, weigh-in, way out of orderIf you know you're better, you'd better that you caught aWaving mine a peace sign higher than a kiteIf you're feeling sick, it's alright it's fever nightDon't do do see do and dig in no potholesCause if you do we calling in march patrolIt's no different from the verbal last heardCayumbo is the ruler that's bond to the wordHe's moving more than three feet, jocking with the knee deepDove is going to leave you with a tweet tweet tweet[posdnuos]Next on the menu, we continue with the pastaDipped in chocolate, served with lotsaTwizzlers and honey, yum yum yummyLyrics I'm flaunting is good for the tummyTiptoing in I proceed to the floorsSelling much records like a pimp moverExcuse me mommy, pos winsCause I'm the a to the plug w-o-nBrother freak it live for this tribeNow let's ride down the highway of vibesPushing that we start cause the soul says pleaseCutting back with the raps and we don't get cheeseDucks and we sit need to get ? ? ? ? Cause preacher is the key to the casualtyPolaroid flicks are back and you knowThat the soul is moving on up like the jeffersonsGo mommy! (repeat 16x)[queen latifah]I'm back, a black queen upon the sceneWith a knack for funky tracks, know what I mean? Prince paul produces this and it's a fly oneIt has a beat that weigh, he's one of my sonsIt's a family affair and then we're out of hereThere is no doubt here, cause this is our yearSo flex to a queen latifah/de la soul sound(go ahead mama get down)It's inevitable that this joint venture would be incredibleWe never put ourselves on any pedistalBut the rhyme is so good it's practically edible (say what? )So check the sounds of mama zuluAs I relay the story untoldAnd if you're wondering why I got kids so bigThey weren't born from the body, they were born from the soul(de la soul gives shoutouts til fade)

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