Project Pat - On A Nigga Lyrics

Hello, Hello
Man, pat wassup man
wassup nigga
man these niggas done come up in da mofuckin crib and got me fo my shit dawg.
yea uhh what if i told you i was that nigga?
man quit playin though forreal though man..
naw you aint heard me dawg..i got your mo'fuckin shit nigga.
what the fuck you gonna do about it?
fuck you nigga
i'll see you boy

As a youngsta dunza what i specialize in
me and my dawgs selling dope on the rizin
rizin in the years we together in this hood man
strugling together straight prayin for the good man
your life means to me than my own do
when you had some beef i went and shot on they whole crew
I do what i gotta do cuz im your right hand
youza lot older than me im your little man
man time flys man we all but too older
you'da came up flippin papers to boulders
told ya, that im down wit you till the graveyard
me and you got caught with some work in the same car
you was facin more time than me behind bars
i was 17 and a half so i took the charge
you got larger, heard now you own a crack house
i did 2 years and they let a nigga back out

sayz youza on nigga on nigga
fuck wit your boy
know em good n well
i grew up wit your boy
youza on nigga on nigga
dont try to flage
you gon make a nigga like me catch a charge

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