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PRINCE - The Beautiful Ones Lyrics

Baby, baby, babyWhat's it gonna beBaby, baby, babyIs it him or is it me? Don't make me waste my timeDon't make me lose my mind babyBaby, baby, babyCan't u stay with me tonightOh baby, baby, babyDon't my kisses please u rightU were so hard 2 findThe beautiful ones, they hurt u everytimePaint a perfect pictureBring 2 life a vision in one's mindThe beautiful onesAlways smash the pictureAlways everytimeIf I told u babyThat I was in love with uOh baby, baby, babyIf we got marriedWould that be cool? U make me so confusedThe beautiful onesU always seem 2 loseBaby, baby,Baby, baby,Baby, baby,Baby,What's it gonna be baby? Do u want him? Or do u want me? Cause I want uSaid I want uTell me, babeDo u want me? I gotta know, I gotta knowDo u want me? Baby, baby, babyListen 2 meI may not know where I'm going (babe)I said I may not know what I needOne thing, one thing's 4 certain babyI know what I want, yeahAnd if it please u babyPlease u, babyI'm begging down on my kneesI want uYes I doBaby, baby, baby, babyI want youYes I do

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