PRINCE - Peach Lyrics

Uh-oh here she comeShe got them gold hot pants on againYeah manI wanna talk, but I dunnoShe's a peachShe was dark, she was tanShe made me glad to be a manShe was young, she was smartJust one glance and she stole my heartThe kinda girl you wanna teachShe's a peachSummertime, feelin' fine, getting wildAll that's on my mindHere she come, dressed in redGet her done, is all that's in my headHer hot pants can't hide her cheeksShe's a peachShe was pure, every ounceI was sure, when her titties bouncedEvery way, she's a winnerTurn a gay preacher to a sinnerNo one you want your mama meetShe's a peachThis is a girl plays hard 2 getI would die if I kissed herI would try, but I'm last on her listShe's so cool and I'm so uglyI'd be a fool, to think she could love meThis kinda girl's always out of reachShe's a peachPeachFuck with that

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