PRINCE - I Hate U Lyrics

U have just accessed the hate experienceDo u wish 2 change your entry? Very well, please enjoy your experienceI never thought that u would be the oneAfter all the things that we've been throughU gave your body 2 another in the name of funI hope u had some baby, if not, boo hooChorus:It's so sad but I hate u like a day without sunshineIt's so bad but I hate u cuz u're all that's ever on my mindHoney, I hate u - now everyday would be a waste of timeCuz I hate uI never thought that I could feel this way2 fall in love was a table reserved 4 foolsSay u're sorry if u wanna but it's all in vainI'm out the door sweet baby, that's right, we're throughChorusThis court is now in sessionWould the defendant please rise? State your name 4 the courtNever mind (billy jack bitch)U're being charged with one 2 many counts of heartbreakingIn the 1st degreeI don't give a damn about the othersMy main concern is u and meYour honor, may I call 2 the stand my one and only witness? A girl that know damn well she didn't have no damn businessI know what u did, how u did it and uh.. who u did it withSo u might as well plead guilty cuz u sure can't plead the 5thNow raise your right handDo u swear 2 tell the whole truthNot the half truth like u used 2 so help u god? Nod your head one time if u hear meIf u don't, I'll have 2 use the rodAnything 2 make u see that uh.. u're gonna miss meYeah, u're gonna miss meUh, uh, uh, oh!If it please the courtI'd like 2 have the defendant place her hands behind her backSo I can tie her up tight and get into the actThe act of showing her how good it used 2 beI want it 2 be so good she falls back in love with meClose your eyesI'm gonna cover your ass with this sheetAnd I want u 2 pump your hips like u used 2And, baby, u better stay on the beatDid u do 2 your other man the same things that u did 2 me? Right now I hate u so much I wanna make love until u seeThat it's killin' me, baby, 2 be without uCuz all I ever wanted 2 do was 2 be with u ... ow!I hate u (I hate u)Because I love u (because I love u)But I can't love u (I can't love u)Because I hate u (I hate u)Because I love uI love u, babyI love u {x3}I love u cuz u're all that's ever on my mindI hate u because I love u

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