PRINCE - Delirious Lyrics

I get delirious whenever you're nearLose all self-control, baby just can't steerWheels get locked in placeStupid look on my faceIt comes 2 makin' a pass, pretty mamaI just can't win a race'cuz I get delirious (delirious)Delirious (delirious)Delirious (delirious)I get delirious when u hold my hand (delirious)Body gets so weak I can hardly standMy temperature's runnin' hotBaby u got 2 stop'cuz if u don't I'm gonna explodeAnd girl I got a lotI get delirious (delirious) {yeah}Delirious (delirious)Delirious (delirious)I get delirious whenever you're near (delirious)Girl u gotta take control 'cuz I just can't steerYou're just 2 much 2 takeI can't stop I ain't got no brakesGirl u gotta take me 4 a little ride up and downIn and out and around your lakeI'm delirious (delirious)U, u, u get me delirious (delirious)Baby, lay me downDelirious (delirious)The room, the room, the room is spinnin' around (delirious)Yeah, I'm delirio, yeah, oh i'm, oh I'm (delirious)Yeah, delirious, yeah (delirious)It's got me in repair, everybody u gotta (delirious)Everybody, oh lord, oh yeah, I'm delirious (delirious)Yeah-yeah-yeah-yeah-yeah-yeah (delirious)(delirious)(delirious)(delirious)(delirious)(delirious)(delirious)

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