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PLACEBO - Without You I'm Nothing Lyrics

Strange infatuation seems to grace the evening tide.I'll take it by your side.Such imagination seems to help the feeling slide.I'll take it by your side.Instant correlation sucks and breeds a pack of lies.I'll take it by your side.Oversaturation curls the skin and tans the hide.I'll take it by your side.Tick - tock x3Tick - tick - tick - tick - tick - tockI'm unclean, a libertineAnd every time you vent your spleen,I seem to lose the power of speech,Your slipping slowly from my reach.You grow me like an evergreen,You never see the lonely me at allI...Take the plan, spin it sideways.I...Fall.Without you, I'm nothing.Without you, I'm nothing.Without you, I'm nothing.Take the plan, spin it sideways.Without you, I'm nothing at all.

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