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Poison - Talk Dirty To Me Lyrics

You know I neverI never seen you look so goodYou never act the way you shouldBut I like itAnd I know you like it tooThe way that I want youI gotta have youOh yes, I doYou know I neverI never ever stay out lateYou know that I can hardly waitJust to see youAnd I know you cannot waitWait to see me tooI gotta touch youChorus:Cause baby we'll beAt the drive-inIn the old man's fordBehind the bushesTill I'm screamin' for moreDown the basementLock the cellar doorAnd babyTalk dirty to meYou know I call youI call you on the telephoneI'm only hoping that you're homeSo I can hear youWhen you say those words to meAnd whisper so softlyI gotta hear youChorusC.c. pick up that guitar and talk to meSolo, chorus out

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