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Poison - Something To Believe In Lyrics

Will I see him on the tvPreachin' 'bout the promised landHe tells me to believe in jesusAnd steals the money from my handSome say he was a good manBut lord I think he sinned, yeahTwenty-two years of mental tearsCries a suicidal vietnam vetWho fought a losing war on a foreign shoreTo find his country didn't want him backTheir bullets took his best friend in saigonOur lawyers took his wife and kids, no regretsIn a time I don't rememberIn a war he can't forgetHe cried forgive me for what I've done thereCause I never meant the things I didChorus:And give me something to believe inIf there's a lord aboveAnd give me something to believe inOh, lord ariseMy best friend died a lonely manIn some palm springs hotel roomI got the call last christmas eveAnd they told me the newsI tried all night not to break down and cryAs the tears rolled down my faceI felt so cold and emptyLike a lost soul out of placeAnd the mirror, mirror on the wallSees my smile it fades againChorusSometimes I wish to God I didn't know nowThe things I didn't know thenRoad you gotta take me homeSoloI drive by the homeless sleeping on a cold dark streetLike bodies in an open graveUnderneath the broken old neon signThat used to read jesus savesA mile away live the rich folksAnd I see how they're living it upWhile the poor they eat from hand to mouthThe rich is drinkin' from a golden cupAnd it just makes me wonderWhy so many lose, so few winChorusYou take the high roadAnd I'll take the low roadSometimes I wish to God I didn't know nowThe things I didn't know thenAnd give me something to believe in

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