Poison - Sexual Thing Lyrics

(laughing)Jam blues manThere you layAll by yourselfSo please allow meTo introduce myselfI welcome youTo the house of sinOpen your mindAnd let the games beginI'm your lustAnd I'm your greedI'm every sick thoughtThat you ever done dreamedEaten your cakeNow you want some moreMmm, where have iHeard that before? Chorus:I am yourI am yourI'm just your sexual thingI am yourI am yourI'm just your sexualAin't nothin' but a sexualIt's just a sexual thingLyin' thereYou look so hornyTalk is cheapAnd startin' to bore meHold me closeAnd tell me it feels so goodBut damn, girlYou knew it wouldChorusSoloGlad to have met youSo pleased that you've comeBut I must be movin' onMy work here is doneBest believe me you, childThe pleasure's been all mineIf you're in need, please do indeedCall me anytimeChorusThey've got you medicatedIt's got you so frustratedHe caught you masturbatin'You rather be fornicatingWell then you come with meI'm gonna set you freeIt's just a sexualAin't nothin' but a sexualIt's just a sexual thingTalking:What you've witnessed is a sexual fantasyPlease do not try these tricks at home

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