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Poison - Only Time Will Tell Lyrics

I just needed someone to holdWhen the bottle was emptyAnd the nights grew coldIn my hour of darknessIn my time of needYou were my angel of mercyAnd helped me to believeYou touched my soulWhen I was lonelyYou held me upWhen I couldn't flyThere's no words could explainHow I feel insideAnd this I tell youIn a world full of angerAnd times gone strangeYou held me closeYou held me close to youLay my head on your shoulderI finally let it all outIt felt good for a momentNot living in a shadow of doubtBut everybody needs a little somethingTu pull them throughI gave one for the otherAnd God know that the other was youChorus:Now only time will tellOnly time will tellIf our love is scratched in sandOr if it's etched in stoneOnly time will tellOnly time will tellIf our love will standOr walk the road alongMy angel of mercyPulled me through somehowI just hope you knowI need you nowSoloYou're the oneThat touched my very soulThe one who held on tightGod knows you never let goAngel of mercyIt's time we closed the doorPut out the lightsAnd burn the fireBurn the fire insideAngel of mercyYou pulled me throughAnd this I tell to youGod know I'd tell it to you

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