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Poison - Look But You Can't Touch Lyrics

Good girls go to heavenBad girls go to hellThe rest of them get richAnd do just what they feelWell rich boys live in housesAnd poor boys live in sinThe rest of them get marriedAnd are never seen againWell let me tell a story explain the shape I'm inThe girl I had last night had never tasted sinSo I took her to my hotel where I tried to get my wayShe said wait a minute, bret, there's something I must say...She said if you wanna talk that's fine with meBut if you want more you'd better let me beChorus:Cause you can look but you can't touchCause the best things in life ain't cheapYou can look but you can't touchCause baby I ain't for keepsWell maybe I'm a bad boyOk, so I've been around the blockBut I am good at one thingAnd believe me it ain't talkShe says you must be kiddingI've heard this all beforeOther girls might buy itBut I don't, that's for sureNow wait a minute babyI don't want you to goShe said don't get no closerThe answer still is noSo I wined her, dined her, fancy talkedActed cool and smoothGot my hands around her shoulderTwo inches from the moveWell I guess I'm about as close as I could beSo I finally made my move, she just said to meChorusLet me show you somethingMmm, let me set the paceSlid my hand up her legAs she slapped me across my faceCan't blame a man for tryin'Wantin' action ain't a crimeI didn't plan on spending moneyJust to get a piece of mindSolo

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