Poison - Life Goes On Lyrics

I felt this beforeNow I feel it againNo matter how hard I tryThis feeling won't endSo I pretend you're here by my sideTonight on this lonely rideI keep telling myself thatChorus:Life goes on while you're miles awayAnd I need youTime goes on as night steals the dayThere's nothing I can doYou heal up my woundsI tasted your tearsYou spilled out your heartSo I let out my fearsBut one fear that I kept to myselfWas how I prayed that you'd love no one elseLike you're saying you love meChorusIf you only knew how much I miss youSoloWhen my mind plays these tricks on meIt shows me things I don't want to seeThat's why I tell myselfI keep telling myselfJust take another piece of meChorusAnd this last mile I travel with you

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