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Poison - Lay Your Body Down Lyrics

I've spent my life waitingFor that famous final sceneI believe you know the one--When she falls in love with meAs for you, you've been fakin' your smileFillin' your timeOn small talkAnd cheap wineKnowing in your heart there was someplaceThat you'd rather beSo right or wrong,I wrote you this songTo tell you how I feelDon't put up no fightYou just turn off the lightsWalk over here to meChorus:And lay your body down on meDown on me tonight, oh yeahOh, let your tears fall down on meDown on me tonight, oh yeahAs for me I've lied to, denied toFight with, and tried toApologize for all my waysTo all the women who were fool enough to fallIn love with meYou played your roleLike a movieGot your lines for who is,Who was, who would beSomehow you lost trackWhile real love slipped away, yeahSo for tonight, just turn off the lightsAnd let those real feelings showThere's no wrong or rightBut until you tryYou're never gonna knowChorusBefore you was mineI was so lonelyAin't it a shameYour heart must feel painBefore you get back on your feet againSoloSo let's draw the blindsForget wasted timeAnd let them old demons dieTake ahold of my handThen you'd understandWhy love's worth one more tryChorus out

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