Poison - Cry Tough Lyrics

Remember the nights we satAnd talked about all our dreamsWell little did we know thenThey were more distant than they seemedWell I knew itYou knew it tooThe things we'd go throughWe knew the things we had to doTo make it, baby.Chorus:You gotta cry toughOut on the streetsTo make your dreams happenYou gotta cry outOut to the worldTo make them all come true.Life ain't no easy rideAt least that's what I am toldSometimes the rainbow babyIs better than the pot of goldYou've got to stick it outWhether you're wrong or rightAnd you can't give in without a fightTo make it babyChorusYou gotta aim high, babyWhether you lose or winAnd when you get to the topYou gotta get off or go right back down againSolo, chorus out

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