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Poison - Bad To Be Good Lyrics

There's an alley cat slowly walkin' down a dirty streetWatching a cop on the take marching to his city beatYou got five fingers johnny stealing everything in sightYou gotta be bad to be good in the dead of the nightWowowow, kick itYou're dancing in fire, babyWhen you're takin' it to the streetsYeah to the streetsBaby better be better watch your backFast on your feetCause they're wheelin' dealin'Cheatin' stealin'Child you're gonna learnChorus:You gotta be bad to be goodIf you know what I'm talkin' aboutWhat's thatSo I say it againYou gotta be bad to be goodIn the dead of the nightWhen you got nothin' babyYou got nothin' to lose, nothin' to loseIt's an eye for an eye babyAnd a tooth for a tooth, ain't it the truthIf you got nine lives you might surviveCause nothing's free on the other sideChorusWheelin' dealin' cheatin' stealin'Just to stay aliveThey got love for sale, yes for saleOn the new york subway lineWatch the working girls hanging outTurning tricks underneath the lights,Oh the lightsOne step from hellThe poor men sell their soulFor a taste of wineChorusWhen it's said and doneAnd you're on the runAnd the only law comes under the gun

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