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Poison - 7 Days Over You Lyrics

Well it's friday night and I'm waitingOn your call girl, like I doAm I wasting my time by this telephone lineWaiting on your call to come throughChorus:I should be already over youTell me mama, what can I doIt's been a long hard road that you put me throughSeven days over youSeven days, seven days over youSeven days over youKick itI kick and fight for you babyBut that's never enough for youYou've been twisted and torn since the day you were bornYou make a game of breaking hearts in twoNow I want to give up but I dig the rush too muchI guess that's what love will doSo drag your heart-stopping mind trip downtown, girlBy friday night I'll find someone newChorusLord knows what you put me throughAlready over you, tell me mama what can I do (repeat)Chorus out

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