POINT OF GRACE - Free Indeed Lyrics

Words and music by grant cunningham and matt huesmannCan you think of the way that we used to beWe were young, full of hopes and full of dreamsLook around what has happened in betweenLiving life can steal your hope away it seemsDream againOh, you're like a child who's waiting to become(chorus)The son has come to free usSet your eyes on jesusYour free nowKnow that you are free indeedTo love, to live, to dreamTo love as he has loved youTo live like he's among youTo dream nowKnow that you are free indeedWhen your world is a dark and lonely placeTurn your eyes from yourself and seek his faceThere's hope in his open armsAnd a peace that's gonna free your heart and mindBreathe againOh, you're free to fly and young to run(repeat chorus)But for me to live is christThat would be no sacrificeI freely give him all my life(repeat chorus)

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