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Obie Trice - Got Some Teeth (Censored) Lyrics

Alotta b*tches up in here tonight boy!
I'm bout ta get drunk!
Throw down!
Where da ballers at?!
(Verse 1)
O.K. okey dokey Obie's here
No more focus on hoes dat got a career
And I like ya persire
There's a party in here
And I'm ready ta talk naughty in Veronica's ear
She arotic and hot so a Hieniken beer
Pull her ta da side and invite her ta Cheers
Pull up a chair swear no drama
Prepare fa a player workin witta monster
I ain't got time ta waste
Let's vacate
Wit blinds and drapes
Blind to ya face
In da grind me state
You o find dat you bound da bate
We found da space
We can watch 2 incredible mace masterbate
Why settle and wait
Let's escalate
To da nearest apay
Se ya reerers
On da mirrors
In deez mirror booty chicks!
Dis is my favorite song
Now sing along
When da D.J. throws it on
And if I leave here tonight and I fall asleep
Wake up hoppin dat she got some teeth!
(Verse 2)
O.K. holy moly dary air
Look around da club booty everywhere
She caught me starin
And my homeys darin
Ta aprouch Karen
She's model material
But she got a banario
Tons o baby fathers holdin bottles and cerial
She holla cause I got alot a danadio
And da D.J.'s playin Obie's song on da sterio
And she apears like she wants da be headin home
Wit da real thang not da dildo clone
And I know I don't wanna be headin home
Wit some double D's fulla cylacone
Ten hood-rat chinks gon surround me outside
Found me outside
Clown me outside
Till I flipped out and dey found me outside
Kussin at da b*tches sayin off to da side!
(Verse 3)
O.K. rolly pollys everywhere
Gotta get inside dis chicks atmosphere
Obie's blarin
Got me fearin
Dat she o come over here and try ta eat me literal
Like a box a cheerios
Eat da cupcakes and chocolate tootsie rolls
I'm on da order
Cause I got a big girl disorer
So I gotta cover up dat blub before I split
And I ain't got time ta play
Let's investigate
Another place ta date
Dey less await
In da dress dey shape
Dress is pateat no window drapes
Word ta mother
Dat *** **** ocer and beans
Got chya Oprah in jeans
Seems ta me
a low Lean Quizeen
Wouldn't hurt much
Ah don't touch!
Ha ha ha ha!
You gotta have teeth baby!
It just wouldn't look right!
Look me big lips!
You no teeth!
It wouldn't work ya know what I'm sayin!
Ha ha ha!
I'm feelin good!
Shady records man!
Obie Trice!

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