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PINK - Private Show Lyrics

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeahYeah, ohSilly you, silly meTo let you in and put a move on me(put a move on me)Never once asked for loveAlways took it for what it's worth, a memory1 - but I don't wanna meet on a lonely streetWhere the talk is cheapAnd the price is sweetI'm not that girlI'm not that girlAnd you don't wanna see the other side of meSo i'mma hit ya off and i'mma set you freeBefore you fall too deepDon't fall too deep2 - he don't knowI'm gon be the one who's gonna let him goEven if he wants to stayI'll let him goCause all he wants from me is a private show, whoaHe's all talkHe thinks he knowsHow this game is supposed to go for everyoneStill it seems he can't seeThinks he's just using me, using meRepeat 1Repeat 23 - he don't knowMaybe if he wasn't such a gigoloI would let him stayInstead I let him goAll he wants from me is a private show, whoaOh yeah, yeah, yeah, yeahOh yeah, he don't knowRepeat 2Repeat 3(he don't know)He don't knowLet him go(even if he wants to stay)I'll let him goCause all he wants from me is a private show, ohOh he don't know, oh, ohHe don't know, yeah, yeah, yeah

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