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Lloyd Banks - I Got A Story To Tell Lyrics

{chorus 2 x}
Baby, grind with me
Relax your mind, take your time with me
I'll love you deeper if you grind for me
Now come and kiss me 'til your body gets weak
Just grind with me baby

When I grind I make em say "OH!"
Sex be my day job
I hit em in the back of my (car)
make em ride like a see(saw)
I make em laugh and giggle
Cuddle a little
Suck on the nipple
Lick the whip creame from the middle
Girlfriend I never go raw
I rip off panties and pop off bras
Yeah U.S.B.A.
Ask aroubd the block how freaky we are
I drink red bull so i keep stamina
You on off yo belly and bust yo brains
Pretty Ricky Pretty Boy
Doing Pretty good thangs
Making pretty good change
Getting pretty good
From these pretty pretty chicks
Getting pretty damn rich
Pretty Ricky Ricky Ricky and the mavericks

{Chorus 2x}

Lay on your back let me rub this creame on ya baby
Slow motion bout to put this thang on ya baby
Starin in yo eyes bout to lick dem thighs
Gotcha hypnotized can you feel the vibe
Starin in yo eyes bout to lick dem thighs
Gotcha hypnotized do ya feel the vibe

step one, get to kissin on me
step two, girl i'm caressing ya body
step three, now i'm licking off the whip creame
step four, and ooh, your grinding on me

{Chorus 2x}

Slick got more game then a little bit
Baby girl 5'5 brown eyes with the thick lips
thick thighs with the slim hips
Sugar, Honey, iced tea
Baby girl is the shh and a bag of chips
I like to catch when she coming home
Like side with a cherry thong
Eat her up like a sundae cone
But as the morning you got me open
Your tongue is chokin' no jokin'
Coochie swollen the bedroom smokin'
Get some air up in this room girl
Ah Ah Ah Ah
If loving you is wrong
then i wouldnt be right
so i'ma take my time and do it right
cause we got all night
cause we got all night
baby girl just

{chorus 2x}

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