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ONYX - Nigga Bridges Lyrics

[intro]They gots to back da fuck up! back da fuck up!Know what I'm sayin? onyx! it's the onyx kid! onyx!Ah yeah! we gonna do it for all my kids..[fredro starr]Murder murder! who the hell hurt her? !Young black nigga like me gettin' up, got freeMurder murder! we never have cheeseWe always up there, we run for the beesThe body over there, the body over thereEverywhere I check, body jacked, body everywhereSo well I well I fuck it, two tears in the bucketVoice spillin' over in a tommy of a dummyStatue at you, but don't break my cipherSmoker, sell 'em most, iller for the fillerBut this ya mic, stop foggin' up my glassesGuns for fun, but son I hit you like a jealousBang! leather hanger, so get the penisSorry for ya stitches, your in-convenienceOr what you wear (---), my name is kinda fucked upLet the killer in up off the steria, blunt it up, load it up!Faces couldn't fire when you see the bloody redenadeAaaah yeah! time to survive...![chorus]Nigga bridges fallin' down, they fallin' down, they fallin' downNigga bridges fallin' down, muthafuckaz is acting crazy![sonsee]I catch fix for trips, while sonny flipsSo bitch ass nigga, geeks with l freaksAnd she ? , diamonds shinin', pockets boldgeousSo I got in a girl, with pearls around her collarSticky start to checking her, my soul she couldn't hollerWe rollin' for dollars! make me set 3 pounds 7And her man said: one move ya dead!Dunk out their pockets, as if I had a shovelMovin' on the double, cause we ain't tryin' to see troubleDreaming and sceaming, it's gonna be a bloodbathGotta sniff it was if autograph for ya whole staff!Stick up but wait, leave the pocket it's okayI hit and run before you see another dayCause the u.s.g. is where I stay[onyx, (fredro starr)]Murder murder! (ya life's on the line)Murder murder! (here's a bullet for ya mind)Murder murder! (I'm out doin' crime)Murder murder! (but we never do time)[big ds]You dirty muthafuckin' rat! I cha-cha-chaNow they got me on the line, too tender (why? !), cuz I killed the inspectorRzarection, and equal protection, written, burnin'The bitches out sexin'! so damn crazyNow they got me in confession over salaries (what? !)Cause they can't get with me (ah hah!)While tubbin' out, me while on trialI'm headin' for p now, feel and see nowBless my mind when I was out doin' crime!That's you locked down, whenever been locked up!All the time you get ? ? ? and muthafuckaz is acting crazy![chorus][sticky fingaz]You can't fuck with the wrong nigga brotherYou rather fuck your motherPlus bust a cap, for her lesbian loverBullets tricky save you later ? before ya wake up!Doin' hard, I'm clippin' their headRentio, bitch aware used to live in brooklyn now you restIn a sementary, it's a full moon, now get a chill in my spotFace the population with my nigga play the 9Your blood clot warrior, bust the inbusta!Everybody wants to go to heaven, but nobody wants to dieWhy? ! me do not know! see you in a next life, bloody boy!(hahaha haha haha!..)[chorus] (2x)[outro]Yeah muthafucka! fucked up! back-da-fuck-up!You get hurt up! it's the onyx man! that's my word!Fuck! fuck you! fuck anything! fuck ya momma, ya father!

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