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OFFSPRING - The Meaning Of Life Lyrics

On the wayTrying to get where I'd like to sayI'm always feeling steered awayBy someone trying to tell meWhat to say and doI don't want itI gotta go find my own wayI gotta go make my own mistakesSorry man for feelingFeeling the way I doOn yeah, oh yeahOpen wide and they'll shove inTheir meaning of lifeOh yeah, oh yeahBut not for me I'll do it on my ownOh yeah, oh yeahOpen wide and swallow their meaning of lifeI can't make it work your wayThanks but no thanksBy the wayI know your path has been tried and soIt may seem like the way to goMe, I'd rather be foundTrying something newAnd the bottom lineIn all of this seems to sayThere's no right and wrong waySorry if I don't feel likeLiving the way you do

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