OUTKAST - Stankonia Lyrics

(intro:)What does love look like? Love looks like youWhat does love love feel like? Love feels like thisWhat does love smell like? Love smells like us(andre 3000)You make me understandWhat it means to be in l-o-v-e once againWhy, must we fly so low? Are we 'fraid of heights, do kites get lost in the tow(chorus:)Stank love, stank love, stank love, stank love(sleepy brown)Let me show your mind a new freaky side of loveOpen up you flower please let me taste your loveHoneysuckle sweet, can't stop till I get ever drip drop on my tongueHitting every spot of you, what you gonna doYour body is the rhythm of the boom in the roomUp and down it seems to goOh my God I think I'm bout to explodeChorus(big rube)My fingertips scan flesh so suppleNo longer a couple like two in one skinWhere do you end and where do I beginBoth brains become one mind sensuallyEvery nerve becoming it's own individual entityWith it's own lusts, it's own needs to serveLonging for the love of all the other neversAs they writhe and twist in satisfactionIn the burning chill of please we batheEngulfing, encompassing like a cataclysmic shockwaveOf an impact so deep, but not one of destructionBut of creation, elation in the re-makingNo taking in the relation, no taking in the relationJust giving of ther persona making lover after making loveTill ain't nothing but stankoniaChorus

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