OASIS - She Is Love Lyrics

Oh when the sunshine beckons to yaAnd your wings begin to unfoldThe thoughts you bring and the songs you singAre gonna keep me from the coldAnd if the sword is among yaAnd it's words may wound my soulYou can fill me up with what you've gotCos my heart's been keeping old[chorus]She is loveAnd her ways are high and steepShe is loveAnd I believe her when she speaks.LoveAnd her ways are high and steepShe is loveAnd I believe, I do believe her when she speaks.You're in all my thoughts of passionAnd the dreams of my delightWhatever stirs my mortal frameWill you keep it warm at nightI don't know where you come fromNo I haven't got a clueAll I know is I'm in loveWith someone who loves me too.

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