2 LIVE CREW - P-a-n lyrics

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Verse 1: [brother marquis]<br>You tried to play hard, but we pulled your cord<br>You're just a do-boy 'cause your boss is in charge<br>Tryin' to play big money, ain't it sad, ain't it funny<br>You're so blind you can't see that you're really playin' dummy<br>Gucci rags and bronze, shinin' grills of chrome<br>Frontin' in a caddy you don't even own<br>You're soft, and you know that we know it<br>You try to hide it, but can't help but show it<br>Now the trues and vogues pull the hoes with nice figures<br>But on the 'ave, you're a pussy-ass nigga!<br><br>Verse 2: [fresh kid ice]<br>Pussy-ass nigga with pistol in hand<br>Comin' out of my room to the next man<br>It's a problem you had since you were a child<br>Always tryin' to be down but actin' stupid and wild<br>I remember way back just to be exact<br>We laughed at your ass when you got jacked<br>So, fuck-ass nigga, here's something to remember:<br>No matter what you try, you're a pussy-ass nigga!<br><br>Verse 3: [fresh kid ice]<br>You fix up your hoes like you fix your cars<br>Give 'em rag-top heads, make 'em project stars<br>You buy 'em gucci bags, even louie baton<br>Spendin' all your money just to get some<br><br>[brother marquis]<br>And when you go out of town and stand on stage<br>Gettin' jerked by the man instead of paid<br>Now put a gun to your head, then pull the trigger,<br>Now rest in peace, pussy-ass nigga!

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