2 Chainz

2 Chainz - Twilight Zone

rate me

Yeah Roll another one cause I’m random

And my four door looking really photogenic

Jam ‘em on the tire

Interesting won’t expire

I’m in the class up and all my teacher got fired

Money getting long pussy ray keep rising

Versace outfit cost me 3.000

From the paint houses

Did it from the weak hours

Selling that chicken no lemon pepper,no sweat and sour

For she get the power then you get respect

I’m getting so much money I can buy you bitch

Take it how you wanna,if you wanna take it

I like clubs where all the women working naked

Feel in love with the wrenches what the fuck I’m thinking

Bought that hoe a ring it was for her pinky

Ah,that’s pimpin’ that’s slick

Got her daughter a cologne cost more than your rental

Skateboard on a nigga track

No lie,no lie, already got it black

Mama got a house,daughter got a counse

Just to think a nigga like me started with an ounce

Bad bitches and deep boys would bring ‘em out

Hit them niggers pussy,we tush ‘em

We clean ‘em out

This the voice of ghetto intelligence

If you got work go to work don’t work at your residence

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