2 Chainz

2 Chainz - Trap Back

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Listen to fuck niggaz

Let them know I'm still up in here been poppin'

Do so many shows in arenas

My nigga I need me a locker

Look at my car, how did they get on them sixes

This flow come from Drizzy, he got it from Migos

They got it from Three 6

Look at my bitches, look at my wrists

Realest nigga in the game

My nigga ain't no counterfeited

Bitches is thick and delicious, doing they dishes

100 million on my wish list

Taking penitentiary chances

Just to drink lean in them Benzes

2 Chainz!

I want my trap back, I said that I want my trap back

I'm from the apartments, used to walk around with work in my backpack

G's all up in that shit

G's all up in that bitch

Truck calling me by my government

Running shit, gunning shit, shopping in London and loving it

Okay first of all, I needed someone- shut your mouth

I'm sorry what did you just say?

I think we've had enough here, shut your mouth

Shut your mouth, will you shut your mouth?

You're just coming off as stupid

I'm coming off as stupid?

You're wearing tuxedos to a job that requires you to clean bathrooms

Please leave this office, we're done with this interview

Do we get any sort of souvenir?

Get out of my office!

I want my trap back, I said I want my trap back

They say that money talk

Nigga so you already know that I want my cash back

You niggas ain't talking about shit, Harley Levine

You would've thought that there was some kilos on my bus

But they didn't find a thing

Hair looking like Brillo, my flow Armadillo

Catch me from class, belted with Versace all in my pillow

I bet I seen a kilo, the dope my hero

Remember I had that Box Chevy I set that bitch on some three zeros

You know that I'm rocking Buscemi, Adam and Ross, Auschemi

Her head is cold my nigga I think she that gonna need a beanie

Rolling and smoking zucchini, dropping the top on the whips

Making them look like bikinis

I am now balling so hard

I should be on my own box of Wheaties

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