2 Chainz

2 Chainz - Supa Fly

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[2 Chainz}

Beige walls wood grain floors

All white cars full of red ass whores, charge

I'm bout to take the trash out

MC's is wet couldn't last the last drought

Walk in the spot bitches ass out

No tity boy fuck 'em till they pass out

Then cash out, hair weave killer

Do you know how many tracks I done snatched out ?

Whoa kimosabe she look like turagi make me say oh lord like it was Sunday

Our house for rent with no credit check in my mind I'm thinking we done found another trap ! Put the burglar bars up, with the night vision, I got the MBA swag for the white bitches, ugh ! white furs nigga his and hers ..had to leave the hawks game and go sell a bird, That's that money shit and I expect a turn word to the motherfuckas that be selling surp !

I'm bout to slow this bitch down and park it on the curb

And take the girl that im with and fuck her on a purse, yeah

And that she got the money back

If she don't do what I like I want my money back

Insomniac raps she can't sleep on i take her out dinner

So I can get my eat on, we on doing this in street

Going down hills Like I got fucking skis on, icy, free on

Flying and shit know niggas like a P John


Supa fly

He so supa dupa supa fly

He so fly, fly

He so supa dupa supa fly

You nasty nasty nasty boy

You nasty nasty nasty boy

Give it, give it to me

Give it to em, to me

Oh you nasty boy

You nasty nasty boy

You nasty nasty boy

Give it, give it to me

Give it, give it to me, to me

[Verse 2]

They wanna know what it feel like

Cause they know all my raps is real life

Nasty nigga..might eat her twice

Met her once I was just being polite

So the hospitality is the dog in me

It's a dog eat dog world you might need a leash

Roof ! same spot nigga different day

When you was doing backflips I was flipping Ye

I'm fresher than you've ever been, 2 of everything momma should have had a twin

Ugh! promethazine that's my medicine

2 girls at the door nigga let em in

Let em win this is strip poka

Messing up the dry wall hit em on the sofa

How you gonna win em all with ya fist open

And you already know what we smoking

Bust shots then reload, im taking off from the motherfuckin' free throw


You know I'm not like the rest of them baby, i love you

You do something for me baby

I love you

You know like a ..say you go to the store for me or something small like that

Go get me something to eat, or just be there for me

I love you baby, im saying you just down for my move you feel me > you down for what im down for, i ain't like these other niggas fronting i feel like life to short, I respect you, you respect em

And we cool like that, like that

Oh you nasty boy


Thanks to Mizzy for correcting these lyrics

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