2 Chainz

2 Chainz - Starter Kit

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(Hook x2)

Kush packs and them rubber bands were my starter kit

Gun shots at yo mama house cuz ya started it

Niggas takin' every damn thing, if they ordered it

Ya front the packs and we don't call ya back, then it's ova wit

(Verse: 2 Chainz)

Momma sayin' boy why y'all playin' in that water

Got granny what y'all doin' wit my fowls?

Bigger sister sayin' ya'll lil boy look suspicious

Got mama sayin' what ya'll doin' wit my dishes?

Twelve came through and we had for the fishes

Got locked up in school, we ain't worried 'bout detention

Hard momma walkin' through the 'partments wit a tool

Whoadie momma said I know y'all boys ain't been to school

Hit the D-mall like a muthafuckin' school

Yeah we shoot but we in the pool shootin' pool

Jayz rushed the court, I have to call the fuckin' check bomb

If swag was a plane I' m finna muthafuckin' take off

Watch me shake the fake off, watch me shake the fake off

I am on so much green I can play golf

Kush pack and the rubber band and a digi scale

And a zip lock, residue all in my finganails

(Hook x2)

(Verse 2: Young Dolph)

Sellin' bags, zip locks, six Glocks, 20 scales

Sick spot, fuck my car ya should see what my bitch got

If ya ain't get no money my nigga then ya can't hang at this spot

Nigga want to play then okay sumebody get shot

Rollies fo' the whole team, urine full of codeine

Pounds on the Sunbeam, baby ballas wit mo' lean

I'm young and dumb and I ain't got no patience

I'm 'bout to pull up at the trap and see what's shakin'

I bought me 50 he front me 50, I thought 'bout takin' it

My nigga told me don't do it so I went paid the man

I let yo bitch come to me and then told her get away from here

Strong packs and calculators, ain't nothin' but a pint in their 'fizzlerator

(Hook x2)

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