2 Chainz

2 Chainz - One Day At A Time

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I like to take it one day at a time

I like to take it one, ooh

Yea, I like to take it one day at a time

I like to take it one

2 Chainz:

Broken home, tell me what the f-ck is wrong

Now I gotta charge a brick for a song

Trap guy, turned into a rap guy

No suit on but I still got trap ties

Argyles, pastels and some neckties

Shawty on the pill, X-file

40 hit 'em, leave 'em wet, baptised

And you know I'm a sucker for long hair and wet thighs

Mama see the baby, this is karmasutra

I got a present for you boo you looking at the future

As far as the past, nevermind that

I don't know who's finer, you or this wine glass

And you must rewind that if you don't get it

Got a taste of the good life and tracks is what I'm eatin

My chromosomes read Georgia Dome

Icy watch, I don't mind spending time alone


Yo, get the clip out of the ashtray, put it in the air

Grab my cellphone, call my engineer

Yea, last night I was on one

Quick carwash, then I make a mall run

I'm a different brother

Louie store spending chips on some kicks I already got, different color

40 cally chrome, on deck

Gotta meet with my connect later on down in mallycomb

All the Kush gone, gotta collect

On this mean five team parlay that a bush gone

Weed man coming with a half a zip

30 minutes in the trap is a half a brick

Always hustle to get it

I never ask for shit

If it's family or money I might have to flip

I'mma say it if it's on my mind

I like to take it one day at a time

2 Chainz:

Never on the guest list

Always unexpected

In so many checks

I should make a checklist

Looking at these emcees' like they should make a deathwish

Got my girl in the kitchen, cooking ambidextrious

Left wrist, right wrist

Whip that, white bitch

This is a lifestyle, I didn't have to right this

Look at my hue blow, watch how the light hit

Look at my new ho, watch how the light hit

I done did the dollars up, die n-gga

Too dehydrated to cry n-gga

I was struggling, had a time limit

I wish this Aquafina bottle had wine in it

I wish that pussy had a sign in it

That said,"want it, if you hit it then you mine n-gga"

Damn, that crazy bitch on that crazy shit

If you don't make money it don't make sense

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