2 Chainz

2 Chainz - Lapdance In The Trap House

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2 Chainz!


I ain't neva been a minute man

Pour a deuce in a minute maid

Trap house filled with ceilin' fans

Weed louder than a hearin' aid

This ain't proliminary

We don't got to rent a renegade

And I'm fallin' far on a hunnid

The only thing I might get, a triple face

Tryin' to take anotha nigga's story

Ya a fuck nigga and I know it

See I could wear black in the summertime

And I could wear white when its snowin'

I could show ya where to go like a local

Order twenty bags outta Oakland

I might buy me a motorcycle

And use yo girl for a chauffeur

I'm the realest nigga and the illest nigga

Fuck ya little nigga and yo little sister

Try to use a nigga when it's beneficial

Free all my niggas out the penitentiary

Louis V all on my leggings

Bitch betta get on my level

Put a half a milli in a MCM bag

Had that muthafucka lookin' pregnant

(Hook x4)

Lap dance in the trap house

Get a lap dance off in the trap house

(Verse 2)

Get a lapdance in the kitchen

Y'all sucka niggas pay attention

See I could make 'er ass bend ova

At the same time make her do the dishes

Oh oh oh double middle finga to the picture

Handgun got a known like Pippen

Girls come thru' they want to smoke

'Fore they leave this bitch they start strippin'

900 dollars for the tennis shoes

Get a lap dance in the livin' room

She about time of a jacuzzi

Cause the trap house don't got a swimmin' pool

Money piled up on the counter

Got 100 round drum on the auto camp

Got Ziploc bags and a digital scale

And rubber bands all by the money counter

Got raid spray ya know how the bugs be

Got a fan in the window by the lerassy

And I know it was slow at work tonight

So bitch ya betta act like ya luv me

(Hook x4)

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