2 Chainz

2 Chainz - Jump

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I am so hot, I need a fever reducer

If you don’t like me, then you don’t like the truth

Jump in the coupe, I just might jump out the roof

I just might land in the bushes, I just might jump out and shoot

Might get yo bitch on the poop, then I'mma get with the poot

This is an effinin', it do not take long to shoot

I did the shit with my crew, my favorite number is two

I got two bitches with me, we been kickin', this a two

Wylin' on 22s eva since I was 22

Shoot yo ass up with a 22, they with me and fadin' 22

Nigga talkin' bout the get hoes, talkin' bout they got plenty hoes

Every month I can fuck 20 hoes, and it ain't even that many holes

I'm a beast! I'm a beast on the streets, I'm a beast off the leash

I'm a beast on yo beesh, she drinkin' Sex on the Beach

We can have sex on the beach, I just bought a crib in Florida

Just to have sex on the beach

This here ain't nothin' to me, I'm always reppin' the streets

I am so high, you gon' need steps when you steppin' to me

Ill as can be, put yo hands up if you're feelin' the beat

It's goin' down, we done finally got it right off the ground


Jump, jump, jump!, jump, jump

Hell is you sayn, I am the man (jump)

Hell is you sayn, I am the man (jump)

Hell is you sayn, I am the man (jump)

(Verse 2)

Cumin' in here, bitches are singin' like skeet

While all you niggas is singin' like skate

But it's too late, uh, sweet like a tooth ache

Pop at yo toupee, pull out some deuce-ey

Go at yo funeral, take me a boot cake

Throw it up like it's hooray

Switch up the beach, switch up the foreign

What is y'all doin', what is you pourin'?

Why is he snorin'? Why is he tourin', that nigga is borin'

Now why is he tourin'? Now answer that question

Ya didn't get an answer? Then leave me a message


(Prrrring) Big Tittie boi, leave ya name aft' the beep

(Beep) Aye bo, it's Skater, bo

I really feel lame fo' leavin' a message, bo

But look: Wheelman is still here, bro

With all his homies jumpin'



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