2 Chainz

2 Chainz - I Feel Like

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(Intro: Kevin Gates)

Some individuals look at the accomplishments of otha individuals

Aand allow themselves to become jealous

Everybody know what it take, everybody don't do what it take

I don't get tired

(Hook: Kevin Gates)

Sometimes ya grind from the bottom, get yo chips straight

Sometimes ya can make a million off a mix tape

Sometimes ya get to the top and then yo family hate

Don't give a damn what them haters say

I feel like I'm pposed to be balling

Supposed to be winning, yeah

I feel like I'm pposed to be balling

No one gave me shit, yeah

I feel like, I feel like I'm

(Verse: 2 Chainz)

I did a song wit Kevin way 'fore ya'll followed him on his Instagram

Did a song wit Young Dolph 'fore ya'll even know what Memphis had

I intend to smash, no pen and pad

Married to the game, no strings attached

Married to the game, got a season pass

Ya wasn't here, but don't easer pad

From Decatur to Treetorn, I make luv wit a mink on

I'm top floor, ya need a key just to get off of

Need a key just to get off of

Need a key just to get off of

Hangin' rappers on a chop board

Outline 'em in chalk Lord

Thought so! Trap nigga on a pop tour

Break dancin' on cardboard

Wrist working that Pyrex

In the bando where that moss burp

Fifty shots wit my nigga Jonny

Somebody stole the truck from Benihanas

Next day he bought a new one

Like ya win some and ya lose some


(Verse 2: 2 Chainz)

I'm supposed to be balling, pposed to be winning

I spent thousands on linens and this is just the beginning

I bought my mama a crib before I got my own place

Picked my pop up from prison and gave 'em places to stay

See I am handpicked by God, I defied all the odds

I need a sign that say foreigns only in my garage

Ya know I'm vicious and hungry, my competition is phony

I'm on my way, kowwabonga to all my cousins, I luv ya

I work hard for this shit, I got sleep deprivation

My mama telling me, boy ya got to take a vacation

I got one in the air, another one in rotation

And when they ask me where I'm at, I say the trap my location


(Verse 3: 2 Chainz)

When I dropped Trapaveli, I stayed in 3 star hotels

Wit two time felons, one time I was bailing

Every Tom, Dick, and Helen

They would act like they was repping

Who was real? Who was fake?

It was hard to keep it separate

And my bankroll big, this big, need Excedrin

And excessive marijuana in my muthafucking prison

We would wrap it like a present

We would act it like the preset

Ya was acting like a peasant

I hold an eagle in the desert

Wit the Rollie and the bezel

I was fucking wit the bastards

Yeah I am so slick, bitch ya betta hit yo hazards

And I bought a Versace plate just to eat my salad

And I can count money 'till I get a fuckin' callous


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