2 Chainz

2 Chainz - I Feel Good

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Whip cold, get dough, different flows

I killed the last beat, I'm out on parole

You know the code, point scene, money gone

You know what I'm on, pass the styrofoam

Oh I feel good, oh I feel good

Oh I feel good, oh I feel good

Oh I feel good, oh I feel good

Oh I feel good, oh I feel good

Hey, motivated, woke up like I'm gonna make it

I had a dream I seen Serena playin' tennis naked

Formulate a plot, conversate with Glocks

Bang bang motherfucker this is gun talk

I got a fresh pair step and get fresh air

Yves St. Laurent spring collect wear, yeah

And I've been on my paper route

A lot of zeros in my motherfuckin' bank account

One of a kind, Bond Number Nine

Powder on my chest, diamonds on my neck

I drop the work and make it back flip

I'm a walking poster child for Saks Fifth

In the catalog where it say next year

Put my order in this is Corvette gear

In the T top with her knees cocked

I'm so motherfuckin' high nigga tree top

I feel good, laid back, feet up

I know my money low, I just re'd up

Got my car, no keys but

Left the Gucci store, all G'd up

Yeah, on to the next one

If you see smoke, that's our section

If you see ho's, that's our selection

At the strip club during a recession

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