2 Chainz

2 Chainz - Get Away (Freestyle)

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DJ sup and press in New York

As we continue to keep it quitin’

From the Jets til the G

Form the nigga in the cut

To the one he couldn’t check

So who’s the one how couln’t check?

She know ascery flux

I had to throw that shit up in that

Straight at the alley way

Sliped the long check and run out off on sally main

Paddy cake, paddy cake

I’m from where you eat the own dust, I got alergy

Playin’ polo wie tea, hoer be on under that

With some hoers up on the make

And the watch cause some coarties

Keep my music and I’mma beat it with these shoes, I am release

But soon as I got back, I pull wide up and fly, fly

And he was knock down

Might pill you top back

Pop that, you don’t need you car, you car is jacked

Dumb that shes for a real life

Just let the barbeque me in real life and die

And you know that what they say is right

What’s that?

My nigga lugging in that motherfucker


I gotta get away

[Fuck that, never let nobody take me ou my zone

You try in my zone,

With no remourse, fall dope porch

New crib, no body go corse] x 2


Back yard full of goal, balls

Grandma crib, use to smell like a motherfucka’

I use to pray for their papa, head toast, get in, drop on, drop in and fall

Program to be great, and the crowdy ball down with my name on the seas

I use to pray to out sleep when it was cold I use to lose my coat for a sheap

The urbin for the hit, they do and use to work on the plum they use to gy

Your hoers style is obbsely, they say the money told us

Why you niggas never speak?

It ain’t worry about nothin’

Fuck around to get lay for that acravated flix

Cibar dust if you are textin’

They are tear that shit to crowd

And I kill te bicthes safety

Now thank God for the blessin’

When I look in the mirror, thank God for the freshin’

And I came up from nothin’

So what you sayin’?

It ain’t nothin’ but a coma

Gotta get away, fuck that


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