2 Chainz

2 Chainz - Freebase

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What is it? Freebase!

What's free about it?

I thought about it, I said, listen

Should I talk about freebase and what if, or something

People say, “well no,”

Everybody goes and then people will start going

No, let me!

I gotta talk about what happened to me!

See where we're from,

It’s all or nothing (nothing)

But we take plenty chances

Like its nothing (nothing)

We came from nothing,

Freebase from nothing

Get money my type of discussion.

Let me do this shit for free

And nigga like me gonna be hustling!

Freebase, freebase, freebase, freebase

Freebase, freebase, freebase, freebase

I came from nothing,

Me and my niggas we came from nothing

So they came like it's nothing, told you from the introduction

I came from the pain and suffering (wow)!

Two pit bulls and a tech9

Tech 9, you’re the deal for me all the time!

Swear to God if you come up to my mommy yard

I’mma treat that motherfucker till I get tired.

Can’t do the truck, I got six tires,

Big ties wanna rhyme mix-tapes

And I keep shitting on the competition,

I’m about to put up me out a shit tape.

Just went playing by no rules;

Every night I freestyle on Pro Tools

Tell Flex come to the A,

We’ll carjack him by one of them raggedy ass old school.

I don't respect my elders; these right here Mason ...

I cannot get no earrings, it'll make my Rolex jealous.

I been a fellon since 15, my expedition had a big screen

Half you niggas was constipated;

Half you niggas was shitty!

Zone one all the way to zone 6,

Fuck ya all, I'll buy own shit!

Fuck ya all I'll buy my own whip!

Fuck ya all I'll buy my own brick!

Tell them pussy niggas that ain't pay shit,

Better be ready to let the gat loose

I've done a song by everybody

From Jermaine Dupri down to Papoose!


I came from nothing

I came from nothing

I came from nothing, I came from nothing

I came from nothing, I came from nothing

Work hard play hard work hard again

My bankroll had twins, can you comprehend?

Seafood lover, I don't eat pork!

Used to hit them J's like a three point

My partner mascot is a pitchfork

And you already know what this for this for,

Me too! When do?

Dogging these hoes like a Shih Tzu,

So cold I record it in an igloo

Nigga ask me why I don't drink!

Man let me tell you what the wine do!

My partner came in and said, me and my girl

I had to tell that motherfucking mind too!

Court dates in the summertime, might pull up in a ...

No matter what the charges is, I’mma pull out with a smirk!

Sit right here for hours now,

Sit right here for God to roll

Sit right here for real ..

Trapping at the stop and go

Trapping at the texico,

It was .... kind of foe, it was BP

My plug from Mexico,

He fell out when he see me on TV

Sold drugs to my love ones and it's hard for me to admit it.

The first time I've seen a crack pipe was in my parents kitchen.


I came from nothing

I came from nothing

I came from nothing, I came from nothing

I came from nothing, I came from nothing

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